Financial scams only handles reports referring to suspected illegal content encountered online. In general terms online financial scams usually come in the form of spam/phishing email or fraudulent websites attempting to obtain money.

To that end can help with financial scams which purport to be Irish financial services or have Irish contact details or appear to have originated from Ireland. For example, has received and actioned reports relating to phishing activities purporting to be: Revenue (Tax Refund Fraud), Electric Ireland, Bank of Ireland, Apple Support, Microsoft Tech Support, (cars for sale),, etc. Should you encounter such content online, you can report it to through our reporting portal.

If you believe you have been defrauded or have been the subject of a financial scam you should contact your local Garda Station.

In the event that you suspect that your bank account was compromised in any way you should report it immediately to your bank or financial institution.

In the case that you are being blackmailed:

  • Don't pay, nor give them any images - giving into a blackmailer will only result in more demands.
  • Stop all contact with the blackmailer.
  • Take screenshots of the threats and then block the user.
  • Report the accounts being used to blackmail you to the platforms.
  • Report it directly to your local Garda Station.

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